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the sanguine orchestration system

my band, the sanguine orchestration system, is booking a new england tour and we are looking for a show in the western mass area.
the dat for western mass is may 12th. if anyone is in a band or sets up shows or something maybe we could hook something up. im totally willing to trade shows and stuff. we could hang out whatever. its a business of friends.

so the sanguine orchestration system is a slowcore/ indie rock band. we draw on influences such as elliot smith, bright eyes, tigersaw, jason anderson ect..... we will be touring as a duo (drums and guitar/vocals) with this lineup we could totally play in a living room, basement, dorm, coffeeshop, bathroom whatever. we are a diy deal. we'll do whatever.

you can listen to some stuff and read some press or whatev at

thanks kids
the sanguine orchestration system

also if your interested this is the summer schedule as of now...

Spring Schedule/ May Tour

Monday April 19th
@ The All Asia
Cambridge Mass
w/ The New Shoes, The Specific Heats, UV Protection
7pm $5

May New England Tour

Monday May 10th
@ The Red Door
Portsmouth NH
w/ Heidi Saperstein (kimchee records
9pm $4

Wednesday May 12th
TBA western Mass

Thursday May 13th
Utica NY
@ The Chatterbox

Friday May 14th
@ The Sidewalk cafe
w/ Curtis Eller's American Circus

Saturday May 15th
Connecticut TBA

Sunday May 16th
@ The AS220
Providence Rhode Island
w/ Fern Knight, Beat Science

Tuesday May 18th
@ Herrells
Allston Mass
w/ The New Shoes
The Specific Heats


Friday June 25th
@ The Java Hut
Worcester Mass

Saturday June 26th
@ Club Jitters
Southington Ct.
9pm $1

Saturday July 3rd
@ The Radio Bean
Burlington Vt.
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