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Strange Child Fundraising

I’ve got three fundraisers planned to help raise money for another Bizarre Bazaar.

We’re starting small. The very first one is at Cafepress.com.

Here’s the link: Hazel's Closet

Everything in this section of the store is marked up $0.25 or $0.26 –no matter what it is. Basically we will get a quarter for every item purchased.

The most affordable items are the buttons, magnets & stickers. The prices are all under $3.50. If you choose to ship by USPS the shipping cost is one buck ($1.00) for the first item, and $0.30 for each additional item.

I’m going to be adding more products over the course of the summer. If there is anything you’d like to see, just let me know. Plus Cafepress gives me coupon codes to send out, so I can make those available to interested parties as well.

And if you’re totally broke, but still want to help, just forward the link to some friends. Free advertising is ALWAYS a wonderful thing.

Our second fundraiser is going to be a tag sale. We’re hoping to hold it in September, right after all the students get back.

And our third fundraiser is going to be an art auction. It will very likely take place on Ebay… but I’m open to other suggestions. I’ll be looking for donations to the cause in October & November. That way we can hold the auction in early December.

That’s all I have for now. More as it happens!

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